Events Gallery

PGNF’s Friendship With Books Activity @ K.G.B.V School,Pullalacheruvu

PGNF’s Friendship With Books Activity @ K.G.B.V School,Yerragonda Palem

PGNF’s Friendship With Books Activity @ Z.P High School,Tripuranthakam

PGNF’s Bookfair @ Kasturiba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya,Kandukur

PGNF Activity @ Chinalingaya Palem School

PGNF Bookfair @ A.P.Residential School, Santhanuthalapadu

PGNF Donated 25 Bicycles in Z.P High School, Chinalingayapalem, Kakumanu Mandal, Guntur

PGNF CycleBank @ Women Degree College,Ongole

PGNF’s Meet @ Sankranthi Celebrations,Greater Tri-Valley Telugu Association,California

PGNF Bookfair @ Z.P High School, Bandlamudi

Today Our Team India Have Distributed 7 Bicycles at MPPS, Garlapeta village, Kanigiri Mandal

Friendship With Books/School Library Activities – Supported by PGNF @ Z.P High School, Mogallur near Kanigiri

Arranged 25 Benches by PGNF to Eedumudi Z.P High School

PGNF Friendship With Books Activity @ Z.P High School, Annambotla VariPalem, Parchur Mandal

PGNF Completed the Uncompleted School Budiling and Conducted BookFair @ Pullalacheruvu Z.P High School

PGNF Hygiene Program @ DRM High School, Nellore Bus Stand, Ongole

PGNF Friendship With Books @ Z.P High School, Throvagunta

PGNF’s RO Plant Installation @ Z.P.High School, Throvagunta

PGNF Hygiene Program @ A.P.S.W.R Junior college,Singarayakonda

Friendship With Books Activity @ Z.P Girls High School, Kanigiri

PGNF 2nd day Activity at Z.P High School – Kottapet ,Chirala

PGNF’s Friendship with Books @ Z.P High School,Vetapalem

PGNF Activity at Z.P High School – Kottapet ,Chirala

Successful Completed First PGNF Conference in India, around 250 members attended for this event

PGNF’s Cycle Bank Activity at Vinodarayanipalem (Andhra Kesari’s Birth Place)

Books Distribution at Satya Sai Orphan School at Ongole by PGNF

PGNF Distributed 20 Bicycles @ Z.P High school Pullalavheruvu

School Library Activity – Organised By P.G.N.F at Z.P High School, Vinodarayani Palem Village

PGNF RO Water Plant Installation @ Tarlupadu Z.P.High School

Friendship With Books Activity,Organised By P.G.N.F Group @ Z.P High School Chinaganjam

Friendship with Books @ A.S.Rao High School,Jagarlamudi

PGNF Bookfair @ Z.P High School,Darsi

PGNF Bookfair Day 2 @ Z.P.H.S,Tarlupadu and Bhupathipalli Schools

PGNF Bookfair Day 1 @ Z.P.H.S,Tarlupadu and Bhupathipalli Schools

Friendship With Books – Activity,Organised By P.G.N.F @ Z.P High School Kothapatnam

PGNF Hygiene Program @ ZP High School,Tripurantakam

PGNF Hygiene Program @ ZP Girls High School,Markapur

PGNF Bookfair & Cycle Bank @ ZP High School,Pullalacheruvu

PGNF Bookfair,Cycle Bank,Digital Classroom & RO Plant Inauguration @ Pedaullagallu MPP School near Darsi

Friendship With Books Activity Second Day @ Z.P High School, Pernamitta

Friendship with Books Activity at Z.P.H School, T.Naidupalem

Prakasam District NRI Picnic in Dallas

Interactions With Children at Mandal Parishat Elementary School – Varimadugu / P.C Palli Mandal

Second Day at – Z.P High School Guntupalli

Art of Living Workshop Closing Ceremony and Prizes Distribution to 10th Toppers at Dupadu ZP School

PGNF Art of Living Program @ ZP High School,Dupadu

PGNF Donated 32 Cycles to Students

Friendship With Books – Activity,Organised By P.G.N.F @ Z.P High School Guntupalli / P.C Palli mandal

Book Fair Activity @ Z.P High School; Palukuru near Kandukur

Appreciation Letter from kesapuram school

PGNF Cycle Bank @ ZP High School,Patchava

PGNF Digital Classroom @ ZP High School,Jagarlamudi

PGNF Bookfair Day 2 @ St.Theresa High School, Ongole

PGNF Bookfair Day 1 @ St.Theresa High School, Ongole

PGNF Donated Benches to ZP High School,Kamepalli

PGNF Hygine Program @ ZP High School,Tellapadu

Cycles Distributed at Naguluppalapadu ZP School

PGNF Cycle bank @ Ammanabrolu,ZP High School

PGNF Cycle Bank @ ZP High School,Kesavapuram in ANATAPUR District

PGNF Digital Classroom @ ZP High School,Pedda Nalla Kaluva

Distribution of Cycles at Edumudi ZP High School

School Library Activity at ZP High School Vallur

PGNF Volleyball Tournament

PGNF’s Hygiene Program

Cycle Bank Event to Annangi Students at Gullapalli High School

Friendship with Books @ Z.P.High School ., Neredu palli

Second Phase Cycles Distribution at Dupadu School

Cycle Bank Inauguration at Gundlapalli School

Kotapadu ZP High School Book Fair Activity

Motivational and Interactive Session with Karumudivari Palem ZP High School

PGNF fundraising @ St.Louis

Friend ship with books at ZP High School ; Devaraju gattu near Markapuram

Friendship with Books , at ZPHS. PATHAKAMURU Village near Darsi / Prakasam District

Book Fair in ZP High School Pavuluru

Karavadi ZP High School Digitalization

Friendship With Books @ Karavadi Z.P.H School

Friendship With Books @ Chakicherla – Z.P.High School Organised by P.G.N.F

Dupadu School Bicycles Distribution Event

Book Fair Z.P.High School, Lingamgunta Organised by P.G.N.F

Friendship With Books – Activity,Organised by P.G.N.F @ Z.P High School AlakuraPadu

VR kota ZP High School Book Fair

Volleyball Fundraising @ St Louis

Mukthinuthalapadu ZP High School Digital Installation

Ongole Girls High School Book Fair

Mangamuru ZP School Book Fair

ZP High School Kandukur Both Boys and Girls

Bike Donations Ongole Orphanage

Mukthinutalapadu ZP High School

Friendship with Books – Activity @ Govt.Girls High School Ongole

PGNF Fundraising event @ St.Louis

Singarayakonda and Kandukur Schools Hygiene Program

Jarugumalli high school Plantation

VR Kota Digital Inauguration

Timmayapalem school Bookfair

Timmayapalem ZP High School

Chakicharla school

Maddipadu school 2nd day

Maddipadu school

Maddiralapadu School

Pavauluru School

Idupulapadu school

Lingamgunta High School

Idupulapadu Vidya Parishad Patasala

kandukur Digital Class Room

VR Kota Digital Class Room

Epurupalem Digital Class Room

L Kota school book Fair

Gangavaram Book Fair

Gundlapalli book Fair and Digital

Mynampadu teachers training college

Edara school

Markapur centenary celebrations

Podili school

Naguluppala Padu school

Dupadu school renovation

Dupadu digital class room

Chandalur school book Fair

Dirisavancha school book Fair

Digital Classroom Inaugaration

Naguluppala Padu school