PGNF Youth Wing Coordinator:

Jyothsna Ganta -

Membership Details

  • Must be 10yrs and above.
  • Must participate in 3 events per year.
  • Fee - $10
  • Must be 13yrs and above.
  • An Active existing PGNF member for 1 year Or Have a record of at least 25 hours of service in any organization
  • Actively participates in important meetings.
  • Brings in new ideas for events.
  • Helps to organize and coordinates the events.

Project Leaders:

  • Sai Sri Tejaswi Koppula
  • Srijitha Nahabhairava
  • Aditya Sadula
  • Pallavi Tumuluru

Board Members

  • President :

    Aakash Chigurupati

  • Vice President :

    Sathvik Avulapati

  • General Secretary :

    Ujwal Chigurupati

  • Secretary of Finance :

    Nandansai Avulapati

  • Chiefs of Operatives :

    Yukthasree Buchengari



Giving back your time to the community

Health Care:

Our primary focus on this project is to give back our time and services to medical/health care centers that care for people.

Community Care:

This project brings awareness to communities regarding several social causes/events through our campaigns.

The STEAM,(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), Workshops explore different skills and subjects that many children do not have access too. These include scientific experiments, music creation, intuitive activities like chess, and many others. The kids, aided by experienced PGNF Youth members, spend some time participating in different activities that they have interest in, or develop an interest after they leave the STEAM workshop.

In the science workshop, we have the kids do science experiments. We do this to help the kids gain an interest in science.

Horizon Drive collects books, sports equipment, school supplies, clothes, food, and toys.

Horizons Drive collects different materials that many kids and students do not have. The drive helps schools with the collection of school materials, books, and sports equipment; the drive also helps medical centers by collecting clothes, food, toys, and medical instruments.

Collecting sports equipment for schools that need sports equipment

Coming soon...

We need your help

All the projects we do around the Charlotte area will be approved, adopted, and translated to India through our parent organization PGNF. In order for this to happen, we need your help. The drives and workshops that we conduct need materials and man-power in order to operate and succeed, not only in Charlotte but also in India. These same projects will help the kids in India discover their own horizons, and become a new generation of innovators for a developing country.

Upcoming Events



Our organization needs money to organize the events as well as shipping and handling expenses. Your contribution is highly valued to run our organization. Help to mention youth program in comments.

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